NAA Silver Trowel for Lifetime Achievement Award

Now Accepting Nominations for the NAA Silver Trowel Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded annually at the NAA Annual Conference.

The Silver Trowel is presented to professionals that have spent a majority of their professional career working in Nevada, have made outstanding positive, lasting contributions to archaeology in Nevada, and have maintained the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in the conduct of his or her career. The award was created and first presented in 2004.

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NAA 2017 award was presented to Dr. Kevin Rafferty. Dr. Kevin Rafferty has recently retired after a nearly 40-year career in archaeology and 30 years teaching at the College of Southern Nevada. He came west from New York in 1980 for a job with the BLM Las Vegas District as a Resource Area Archaeologist. He earned his Ph.D. from SUNYStony Brook in 1982 and in 1983 became Director of the Division of Anthropological Studies (now the Harry Reid Center) at the Museum of Natural History at UNLV. During his six years there he conducted and/or directed many survey and excavation projects in southern Nevada, southern

California, western Arizona, and southwestern Utah. In 1989, Dr. Rafferty became the first fulltime anthropologist at the Community College of Southern Nevada (now the College of Southern Nevada), recently acting as chair of the Department
of Human Behavior. Dr. Rafferty also ran his own archaeological consulting business in the 1980s early 1990s before joining Knight & Leavitt Associates in 1993. Dr. Rafferty’s contributions to Nevada archaeology are many – including well over 150 cultural resources management reports and a recent textbook for cultural anthropology – but some of his most important work has dealt with the prehistory of the Las Vegas area and of Valley of Fire State Park. He has also been active in the Nevada Rock Art
Foundation, Archaeo-Nevada, and many other volunteer groups. Dr. Rafferty represents what is best in Nevada archaeologists and we are pleased to honor him and his achievements here.
-Mark A. Giambastiani and Kevin Rafferty

Past Recipients

2017                     Dr. Kevin Rafferty
2016                     Donald Hardesty
2015                    Eugene M. Hattori
2014                     Robert Elston
2013                     Roberta McGonagle
2012                     Claude Warren
2011                     Tim Murphy
2010                     Alice Baldrica
2009                     Don & Catherine Fowler
2008                     [No Award]
2007                     Richard & Sheilagh Brooks
2005 | 2006     Margaret Lyneis [Awarded in 2005, Presented in 2006]
2004                    Mary Rusco

Ting-Perkins Award

Now Accepting Nominations for the Ting Perkins Award, awarded annually at the NAA Annual Conference.

The Ting-Perkins award is presented to a deserving individual for outstanding avocational contributions to archaeology in Nevada, and was created and first presented in 1982. The award is named in honor of Dr. Peter Ting (first President of AM-Arcs in 1967 and head of the Nevada Archaeological Survey) and Fay Perkins (who in 1924 along with his brother, John, first brought the Moapa Valley’s “El Pueblo Grande de Nevada” to the attention of Nevada Governor, James Scrugham, and later became curator of the Lost City Museum in Overton from 1952 until 1956).

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NAA 2017 award was presented to jointly to Allen Metscher. Allen is a third-generation Nevadan and a lifelong resident of central Nevada. After spending 30 years with the

 Nevada Department of Transportation, Allen retired to devote more time to his passion; the history of central Nevada. Along with his mother and two brothers, Allen, a self-described “student of history,” founded the Central Nevada Historical Society (CNHS) in 1977 and the Central Nevada Museum (CNM) in 1981. Over the past four decades, Allen has headed the museum and historical society, served as a historical consultant for Nellis Air Force Base, where he spent innumerable hours researching and  documenting the base’s history, and developed interpretive materials for the World War II Tonopah Army Air Base. His contributions to the history, archaeology, and preservation of central Nevada’s past are unparalleled. Allen is currently the President of the Central Nevada Historical Society. You can visit him at the Central Nevada Museum, 1900 Logan Field Road, Tonopah, Nevada.
-Jonah S. Blustain

NAA 2017 award was presented to jointly to George Phillips
In 2004, George Phillips became the Project Manager for the Clark County Site Stewardship program in association with the Public Lands Institute at UNLV after spending nearly 30 years in banking (with an interlude spent running a plant and garden nursery). He grew the site stewardship program from a handful of people to around 800 members devoted to preserving and protecting cultural sites throughout Clark County. He designed the program from the ground up which entailed; creating the manual, setting standards for site assessment, presenting site stewardship training classes, and creating a comprehensive site database while working closely with various agencies. The groundwork he did led to his favorite part of the job, which was taking stewards out to the sites and showing off Nevada’s fabulous public lands and precious cultural resources. In 2007 his program was awarded the U.S. Department of Interior Cooperative Conservation Award. Beginning with the Nevada Rock Art Foundation, George has also volunteered to record rock art in Nevada for the National Park Service, the BLM, and Red Rock Canyon NCA.
-Steve Daron and Eva Jensen

Past Recipents

2017                     Allen Metscher | George Phillips
2016                     Keith Stever
2015                     Jean Myles
2014                     Bob Hafey & Loretta Watson
2013                     Elizabeth Russell
2012                     Anne Carter
2011                     [No Award]
2010                     [No Award]
2009                     Donna Murphy
2008                     Ann McConnell
2007                     [No Award]
2006                     Elaine Holmes | Darrell & Terri Wade
2005                     Oyvind Frock
2004                     Charles Brown
2003                     Farrel & Manetta Lytle
2002                     Phil Hutchinson
2001                     [No Award]
2000                     Helen Mortenson
1999                     Don Hendricks
1998                     [No Awards]
1997                     [No Awards]
1996                     [No Awards]
1995                     Grace Burkholder
1994                     Jean Stevens [Posthumously]
1993                     Steve Stoney
1992                     [No Award]
1991                     Norma & Herb Splatt
1990 – 1983     [No Awards]
1982                     Jean Myles

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