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The NAA will be holding its fall 2020 board meeting via teleconference, October 4th from 4-6 pm.  Please E-mail for login info.



Now Accepting Nominations!

The Silver Trowel is presented to professionals that have spent a majority of their professional career working in Nevada.

The Ting-Perkins award is presented to a deserving individual for outstanding avocational contributions to archaeology in Nevada.

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We have a new postal address:

P.O. Box 206

Reno, NV 89504


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A Little About NAA

The Nevada Archaeological Association (NAA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization consisting of professional, academic, and avocational archaeologists, with members throughout the state and across the nation, regional chapters, and several affiliated societies. The mission of the NAA is to encourage public interest and involvement in archaeology and historic preservation by sharing information through lectures, workshops, field trips, an annual meeting, and both newsletter and journal publications. Archaeologists affiliated with the NAA volunteer their time to help educate other NAA members and to provide them opportunities to experience Nevada archaeology.

In Situ is the NAA’s quarterly newsletter, containing articles and short reports submitted by NAA members, notices about legal developments concerning archaeology and historic preservation, announcements for lectures and the annual meeting, chapter updates, and other information. Since 1972, Nevada Archaeologist has been the NAA’s annual journal, offering contributions from professional, academic, and avocational archaeologists. It is now a peer-reviewed publication. In Situ and Nevada Archaeologist are provided free of charge to NAA members as benefits for being part of the organization.

The NAA hosts a three-day annual meeting that features workshops on historic and prehistoric archaeology, paper presentations, a keynote speaker, student scholarship grants, socials, a silent auction, and the election of the NAA officers, board members, and support committee chairs.  During the meeting banquet the NAA recognizes individual contributions to Nevada archaeology with the Silver Trowel Award for lifetime achievement by professionals and/or academics, and the Ting-Perkins Award for outstanding work by avocational archaeologists.

Each May the NAA also funds, designs, and prints a poster to celebrate Nevada Historic Preservation and Archaeology Awareness Month. The posters are distributed free to the public through land management agencies, educational institutions, and at the NAA annual meeting. To generate more visibility for Nevada archaeology, the NAA enters its annual poster in a contest hosted by the Society for American Archaeology.



In Memory Of

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to former NAA board president and board member Steve Daron.

Steve was always learning and sharing, quick with a quip and an easy laugh, he made sure we all felt comfortable and included. We were so glad when you came back into the fold Steve,  making our cheeks hurt from laughter and holding and sharing our mutual history of both NAA and archaeology in Nevada.  You will be missed.

Upcoming events

August 15—Deadline to submit abstracts, 36th Great Basin Anthropological Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

August 25 2:-00—4:00 PM: Southern Nevada Archaeology Speaker Series, Guest Speaker Samantha Rubison, “Preserving Archaeology through Photography,” Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas

August 27 6:45—8:45 PM: Southern Nevada Rock Art Foundation Meeting, Guest Speaker Karen Harry, “Changing Patterns of Interaction & Identity in Puebloan Settlements of Southern Nevada”, REI Store Boca Park, Las Vegas

September 12, 6:30 PM: Am-Arcs Meeting, Guest Speaker Jan Loverin, Nevada State Textile Museum, DRI Stout A/B Conference Room, Reno

September 24 6:45—8:45 PM: Southern Nevada Rock Art Foundation Meeting, Guest Speaker Courtney Smith, “Style, What is it good for? An Overview of the Rock Art of the Great Basin & Surrounding Areas”, REI Store Boca Park, Las Vegas

October 10, 6:30 PM: Am-Arcs Meeting, Guest Speaker Alice Baldrica, DRI Stout A/B Conference Room, Reno

October 15—19: Introduction to Flaked Stone Tool Technologies Workshop, AINW facility, 3510 NE 122nd Ave, Portland, 97320

October 29 6:45—8:45 PM: Southern Nevada Rock Art Foundation Meeting, Guest Speaker Steve Acerson “Rock Art in Utah”, REI Store Boca Park, Las Vegas

November 7—10: 36th Great Basin Anthropological Conference, Salt Lake City, UT